Thai Massage / Masseurin
body, face, foot massage, reiki treatments

about Thai massage:

Traditional Thai massage therapy, combining    
gentle yoga stretches with acupressure, has long
been enjoyed by the people of Thailand for the   
health benefits it brings. Working on acupressure
points along the body’s energy lines, Thai     
massage stimulates circulation, releases toxins,
improves flexibility & balances the body’s energy.

Problems arise when energy lines become
blocked, causing an imbalance.

Blockages are caused by a variety of reasons
including muscle strains, injuries & stress.

Regular Thai massage promotes healthy, strong
energy lines, for improved physical & mental
about Reiki:

Reiki is Japanese for ‘universal life force’       
meaning the energy that is constantly flowing    
through all living beings and the entire universe.
This force is also known as chi in Chinese and   
prana in Sanskrit. A reiki practitioner directs this
healing energy to the client to reduce stress,      
relieve pain, release emotional blockages and
complement  conventional healing.

Beneficial when recovering from illness, or at      
times of change.

After studying Thai Language at University
of London from 1994 - 1996, I lived in Thailand for ten years before
relocating to Mallorca in 2006. I studied
Foundation, Intermediate,
Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage
& Thai Foot Reflex Massage at
ITM Massage School,
Nerve Touch & Herbal Compress Massage
with Lek Chaiya, private tuition with Mike Tan and face massage at
Sunshine Massage School, and attended workshops with James Pehler
and Jo Lim, all in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

I trained in
Reiki I at Chiva Som Academy, Bangkok & Reiki II at Ashtar
Wellness Centre, Koh Samui.                                                                                    
I completed a
nutrition course in 2012, mindfulness training in 2016
and in 2017, after six years of study, graduated with a BSc (Hons) in
Psychology from Open University.



* promotion saturday mornings *
60 mins Thai massage only 40 €
must book by 18.00 friday
* oferta cada mañana de sábado *
60 minutos solamente 40 €
es necesario reservar hasta viernes 18.00
'this Thai massage will leave you totally unwound'   
Daisy, Tatler magazine Spa Guide, had a treatment at
Reads Hotel, Mallorca,
June 2012
'I was a beast out on the bike today! My neck and shoulder have a lot
more movement and less discomfort. Thank you very much!'    Drew,
July 2014

'Thanks for coming out at such short notice and sorting my neck out last
week.  It was really uncomfortable and things were looking bad for my
holiday, but whatever you did to it worked a treat and the next day I was
pretty much 100% better.'  George,
November 2015
Never felt better or had so much movement in my neck.  I can actually turn my head around to see what's behind me!
Best money I've spent all week, you've made my holiday.    Richard, cyclist
July 2015